A Second Chance

“My son, his friend and my nephew traveled to Somalia, radicalized by an imam who told them that their parents will go to paradise if they joined the cause. My son was successful in escaping from al-Shabaab. He traveled back to Kenya but was arrested by the Kenyan security forces. He was in jail for two years and then released. He was advised by the Intelligence Service to never return to Majengo. He now makes a living in his uncle’s workshop learning carpentry. I visit him occasionally. I can see he is remorseful. He regrets his decision to go to Somalia. He was doing very well before he traveled, he had a shop in Majengo selling shoes. His friend and my nephew were killed in Somalia. My son witnessed the killing of his friend.

Kumekucha gave me a new home. The ‘Journey of Life’ was instrumental to me. I realized many people were going through a similar challenge and or had even worse problems than me. I thank the Almighty that my son is alive and has a second chance at life.”

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