GSN launched its first impact report “Growing Connection, Resiliency and Agency: The impact of community-led trauma-informed peacebuilding in response to violent extremism in Kenya” at the second annual Paris Peace Forum (12 November 2019).

The GSN Team

We are a multi-disciplinary team of peacebuilders, community development workers, psychologists and researchers designing trauma-informed interventions and methods for their evaluation. Our work is focused on addressing trauma as one of the root causes of violent behavior. We seek to understand how trauma and exposure to violence shape identity, memory, perceptions, attitudes and behavior. An important aspect of examining violent behavior is understanding the nature of resilience. That is, we study peaceful behavior, particularly resistance to reactionary forces and ideas.  Our programs support participants in a process of deconstructing the narratives associated with beliefs and histories of conflict and grievances. The gendered nature of conflict is among issues examined. This is done through the use of artwork and storytelling. Much of our work is focused issues related to violence prevention, including violent extremism, violent crime, gender-based violence, and ethnic violence.

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