“Unfair treatment”

“We in fact need well learned people of your calibre working in Katilu, I remember my boss telling me gleefully as he gave me my transfer letter. I had been transferred to a remote outpost in Katilu, Lokichar Sub County where the general population was less than a thousand and nothing ever happened. The only cases were small boundary quarrels and maybe some stray cattle.  

I was concluding my higher studies, therefore, needed to be remain where I was, in the capital city, where my university was located. It might not have hurt too much to have been transferred to one of the towns in the neighbouring counties but to be transferred all the way over to Katilu was nothing less than sabotage and my boss was fully aware.

This kind of treatment was the hallmark of my struggle to attain a higher education while in the police service. Back in the day, the pursuit of higher studies was hugely frowned upon and anyone who dared to walk down this path was frustrated to no end. Following my experience, I was determined to ensure that my colleagues did not go through the same.  We have really changed with the ongoing reforms and the service is now encouraging and supportive of all men and women in uniform who seek to further their studies.

Before attending the Muamko Mpya training, I was still bitter. I was full of anger and rage at the way I had been treated and I carried this burden with me for years. Granted, I had not been treated fairly but the truth is I had overcome what might have seemed like insurmountable odds to be where I am now and this was no mean feat – I had conquered the odds to achieve my objectives. I thought I had let go of any lingering anger or bitterness but I had not.

Discovering breathing exercises has changed my life. It might seem like a tiny thing to some, it might even seem insignificant to others but learning to control my emotions using the breathing exercises was a huge breakthrough for me all thanks to Muamko Mpya. 

Controlled breathing has been shown to reduce stress, increase alertness and boost your immune system. Breathing exercises can help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic Stress disorder, depression and attention deficit disorder. Nowadays, whenever I feel my anxiety levels going up, I simply sit comfortably, take a deep breath expanding my belly, pause, and exhale slowly to the count of five. After I repeat this exercise four times, I succeed in calming my nervous system.
I am a much more calm person, I have let go of toxic emotions and I sleep so much better!

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