GSN launched its first impact report “Growing Connection, Resiliency and Agency: The impact of community-led trauma-informed peacebuilding in response to violent extremism in Kenya” at the second annual Paris Peace Forum (12 November 2019).

WebR Leadership Encounters

Peace-building, human rights, civil society, and development leaders working in conflict-prone communities and environments are confronted by violence every day. The prevalence of traumatic stress in the lives of individuals and communities impacted by human rights abuses, violent extremism, gangs, and gender based violence is extraordinarily high.

Often these individuals and families have experienced on-going trauma throughout their lives in the form of childhood abuse and neglect, domestic violence, community violence, human rights abuses and the trauma associated with poverty and the loss of home, safety and sense of security.

These experiences have a significant impact on how leaders think, feel, behave, relate to others, and cope with future experiences. Leaders have learned to adapt to these traumatic circumstances in order to survive, but their ways of coping may seem confusing and out-of- place in their current circumstances.

Often, leaders become negatively affected by trauma that they have not even directly experienced themselves. When we are involved in supporting others who have experienced trauma, there can be a build-up of stress over time which can cause changes to our psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being.

A key component of vicarious/secondary trauma is changes in our belief system, which can significantly affect the way we see the world and our deepest sense of meaning and hope. Anyone who works with or supports people who have been traumatized is at risk for developing vicarious or secondary trauma.

Proposed agenda for 5-day WebR Encounter

The WebR Framework is comprised of 7 Key Elements as they relate to violence, compounded stress, and the effects of trauma.

  • Day 1: WebR Cross-Cutting Element: Stress and Trauma Awareness
  • Day 2: WebR Cross-Cutting Elements Stress and Trauma Awareness continued and Wellbeing and Practice
  • Day 3: WebR Elements of Security and Relationships
  • Day 4: WebR Elements of Identity and Resilience
  • Day 5: WebR Leadership

GSN offers a five-day WebR for Leaders encounter, get in touch with us on this email ( to learn more about this including this type of support within your organization.