If you feel like there is nobody out there you can feel grounded with, where do you go? When you feel like there’s no hope and you aren’t worth anything, it’s easy to feel alone and without support. 

Many people feel like this currently. However, one of the biggest problems with good psychotherapy is its availability and cost. Not only is it expensive, but it is also culturally frowned upon. Yet, the need for psychological help and healing grows every day. Just like 12-step programs Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other support groups help millions, GSN has learned that we can come together to support each other’s wellbeing and emotional growth within our context, through peer support circles.

GSN supports circles which are both virtual as well as physical. We see peer support as a key way to make mental health programming preventive and sustainable.

Formally the groups last 12 weeks with formal facilitation and a small curriculum, but then the groups normally continue During the 12-week peer support group, members join a WhatsApp group of 14 others facilitated by two trained facilitators. The group is sent videos and other conversation starters, interacts during the week on chat and voice messages and joins a GoogleMeet virtual support group once a week.

To explore options for your organization to create peer support circles within the organizational level or to offer support to beneficiaries of your program please contact: